Snapchat Leak

Due to a security flaw, 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers were released into the wild. I thought it would be interesting to try to find some regional differences between usernames.

California Love

Some very interesting trends appear! I look for length 4 strings within each username and found the ones that were both popular, and exhibited high variance in frequency across states. You can see that California is full of lovers. Or that the Schmidts rule Minnesota. Latino names are also abundant in the obvious places. And check out how the east coast has the swag. And how about all those gators?. And what's with this Denver bubble?. Google it it and it all makes sense! Click through (those arrows in the graphic) for more interesting ones, and please update comments when you find something cool. I took about 350 of them, so plenty to explore. Also note that you can hover over an orange blob to find example usernames from that area code.

(sharable link: )

How to Reproduce

I have all my work for this in an IPython notebook. Download it to play with the data yourself, or just view it on nbviewer.